It is no secret that US based giants websites such as Amazon, Ebay and Walmart have many sales and great deals throughout the year. As a local in Jamaica, it is hard to take advantage of these opportunities due to shipping restrictions or the cost of shipping to Jamaica. In this alternative guide we'll take a look at one option that has become extremely popular over the last couple of years - package forwarding.
Get Packages from all over the World
Package forwarding is an international shipping service offered by several companies to international online shoppers (like us). These services help to solve following problems:
  • Payment method not being accepted;
    • Because of several different payment restrictions and laws it is extremely difficult to shop online with a Jamaican address. By using these services one can use their assigned US address and bypass these restrictions.
  • Items not shipping to Jamaica
    • Several online sellers simply do not ship outside of the US.

Some of these Package Forwarding companies also offer Mail Forwarding Services. Mail forwarding refers to the mails in traditional meaning, or magazines or papers that are normally called mails, while package forwarding refers to the online purchases or orders that are shipped within a package.